Our mission is to document, preserve, celebrate, and educate the public on the history, life, art, culture and contributions of Arab Americans.

Arab American Festival logoThe Arab American Festival™ is a Non-political, Non-religious, Non-profit Organization established to build community pride nationwide and showcases our diversity of music, arts, and cultures.  Multi-generational and multi-cultural families gather to enjoy free music, arts and crafts, entertainment, children’s activities, and services from local businesses, foods, and vendors.

The Arab American Festival™ is an exploration of the rich culture and history of the world’s oldest civilization. Our festival is targeted to all Americans to create an awareness of the diverse ethnic groups while having fun.

Arab American Festival™ is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is classified as a public charity under the U.S.  Internal Revenue Code. 

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About AAF

Arab American Festival is the largest Arab event nationwide with more than 200,000 attendees in the past 8 years.

Local, National, and international entertainers from all over the Arab World.

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